About innoBots

The Future is Unmanned the Future is innoBots

innoBots designs and builds robots that make a difference

innoBots is a world leader in innovative, unmanned systems and robotics technology purpose built for use in military and law enforcement applications and designed to protect personnel and to deliver lifesaving results.

A family owned business, innoBots has a proven track record in military applications abroad - culminating in more than 25 years of research, development, and testing.

Today, innoBots systems can be utilized in applications closer to home. Whether monitoring a country’s borders, assisting law enforcement personnel, monitoring pipeline and utility assets, or simply to locate lost or distressed loved ones, innoBots can be launched quickly, day or night, to provide precise, situational awareness whatever the mission.

innoBots function remotely under any conditions. A special camera provides situational awareness and allows the operator to see what is ahead - a key advantage in all successful missions.

Among the eight products in the innoBots fleet, the innoCarrier stands as the company’s flagship innovation. Smaller, unmanned devices in the fleet, called “gear-ready,” include: innoMicro, innoMedio, innoEye, innoEye-P, innoSpider, innoSat, and innoFly. Gear-ready innoBots are dynamic, compact mobile robots that easily fit inside a pocket or backpack. Their versatile design is ideal for a single operator to quickly gather data - intelligence in the field, surveillance, and reconnaissance - perfect in law enforcement, disaster response, and border patrol applications.

innoBots unmanned systems help to establish superiority on the front lines of disaster response or today’s hot zones. When the need is now, innoBots systems get the job done. They are valuable assets in lifesaving missions and security and property protection. innoBots continue to set the standard for innovation and all that small unmanned systems can accomplish in the most challenging conditions.

innoBots corporate headquarters is located in Gainesville, Georgia. The company also has offices in Israel and China.