innoEye is the world’s first truly real-time, Wireless High-definition digital system with full 360° Mobile situational awareness imaging

InnoEye was created out of a true tactical need to provide teams on the ground with a quick, high definition, reliable situational awareness solution which is equal to none.

Within minutes you’ll have a WIFI 360° eye view of the place, it provides the crew with up to 7 hours (unlimited depends on battery packs) of motions detection, motion tracking and Infra Red (optional for thermal and night vision).

Our system is a mobile system with the ability to identify, process and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening around a team with regards to the mission. More simply, it knows what is going on around you day or night.

InnoEye offers a unique system that was unattainable till today. The system provides a high level of situational awareness that can be used for: Special ops, law enforcement, firefighters, schools, government agencies and much more.

The Inno eye control module can control multiply unites, all depends on the mission needs.

InnoEye is an easy to use system with no need for external power source, Just switch on the power and the system will be up and running for up to 7 hours of HD Video.

For the stationary InnoEye such as schools and other usage, there is the option to hook it to the main power.