The World's First, Multi-Mission, Ground Attack Robot

innoMedio provides the war fighter with a unique combat advantage not seen before in remote combat technology.

innoMedio is a remote-controlled 4-wheel-drive micro attack robot vehicle that measures 260 x 200 x 110 mm with a top speed of 20 mph., and range of 100m (300-ft) and payload of 1000g.

Ideal in rough terrain action, innoMedio is a durable drive system equipped with four HP motors and a built-in wireless micro-camera that transmits a sharp color picture and clear sound to a hand-held unit allowing the operator to see what the innoMedio sees, just as if the user was behind the wheel.

Designed to support the war fighter during missions and range of military operations, innoMedia is a versatile combination weapon system capable of launching explosives and special purpose ammunitions (with a time setting), and operating as a completely independent weapon.

innoMedio is capable and equipped with the means to affectively confront and neutralize enemy threats to reduce risks to the war fighter. innoMedio is a robot that operates forward of the front line and provides soldiers with direct attack capabilities to decrease risks to personnel.