Leads Charge in New Age of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Unlike the InnoFly, InnoSat combines stationary, situational awareness and  autopilot to provide a wide spectrum of operational needs.

InnoSat will transmit live, online data up to eight hours for crews on the ground to prepare and respond to emergencies and disaster situations such as landslides, floods, fires, and forest fires, and serve law enforcement and other agencies with crowd control by monitoring a wide area for likely threats and other surveillance needs.

A revolutionary technology, innoSat provides an immediate picture of a situation using live feed that can be monitored by up to 16 users.  Among many features of the innoSat system, its unique, attached docking station can be used while the vehicle is mobile or stationary with uninterrupted live feed and full situational awareness up to 100 feet vertical.

With a press of a button, innoSat’s sophisticated PTZ camera and other tailored features, provides users with immediate situational awareness. For example, operators have the ability to monitor and manage adverse situations, hazards and related disasters.

InnoSat is also a great tool for architects, farmers, security for utilities or oil refineries, oil pipe lines, border security, and much more. InnoSat is a superior system that manages a wide area and provides critical information when it counts the most.

Designed with user-friendly technology and the end-user in mind, innoSat requires no specialized skills.